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Revisiting: United Dance (Stevenage)

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

United Dance was certainly one of the bigger events of the 90's and with a multitude of loyal fans, the brand ran plenty of successful parties from it's hometown of Stevenage at the now legendary Arts & Leisure Center.

If you attended a United Dance event you will appreciate just how special they were. In some respects they were pretty similar to Helter Skelter with a cross selection of happy hardcore, techno, jungle and drum and bass DJs.

Granted United Dance missed the outdoor funfair selection (from memory) but the location was certainly a bonus to people based in East Anglia, Essex and beyond.

This was obviously a big bonus as during The Sanctuary's life it wasn't always that easy to get to. Nowadays you can breeze down the M1 to pick up some flat pack from Ikea..

From the likes of Hype alongside MC MC and Fearless, Clarkee with Sharkey and SY with One Nation front man, MC Free and Easy, you were always guaranteed a top selection of complimenting lineups. The flyers were also something else with some excellent airbrush artwork.

United Dance: Friday 16th June 1995

Temptation & United Dance: 30th September 1994

This is one brand that's not tried to resurrect itself which let's be honest, it a big bonus. United Dance will be forever remembered in a positive light and that's how it should remain.

Check out this amazing playlist via Section 23 featuring a ton of tape to MP3 conversions of classic sets from this amazing brand. Love live the memories of United Dance.

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