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Personal Training with 175 is like everything we do, totally unique. If you're just starting your fitness journey and looking for direction and motivation, we got you! If you're aiming to compete in Function Fitness, CrossFit or Hyrox competitions, a variety of options are available. In person or remote coaching (via T.A.P) or a combination of both will provide you with all of the tools to achieve highly.

All of our Personal Training sessions are based in Ely, Cambridgeshire.



One to One Personal Training

£40 per session


Paired Personal Training

£60 per session

vip 1-1

Private Gym Facility

£50 per session


T.A.P Remote Coaching

Prices vary

dj's and pa

vibes, big sounds, big bass

A CrossFit event isn't quite the same with small gym speakers and a Spotify playlist. Increase the levels with a selection of established DJs who know a thing or two about selection. Price on application.

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