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our mission

If you have ever been to a 175 event, you will have witnessed something incredibly special. Meticulously planned with an incredible selection of qualified instructors, skilled DJs and MCs, top quality merchandise and vibes for miles.

Our long term goal is to bring something that is still very much based in Cambridgeshire to further afield. The combined ambition of our team is never short term, we work together by playing to our strengths and always strive to hit our objectives with the same heat you see in our workouts.


175 is an ever-evolving fitness brand. Our infectious energy is renowned across East Anglia and with much more in store for 2023 and beyond, you don't want to miss the next chapter. 

Much of our ethos was born out of the 90's rave scene and with vast experience in event promotion, sound and light, music selection and business management, we are certainly not stopping anytime soon.



Maybe the first ever drum & bass studio class in the UK? It's certainly not a fact but we are pretty sure we were one of the first to do it with credibility considering the roots of our instructors are deep in the jungle!

We rammed out class after class in a fitness studio that was so covered in sweat by the end of the session, you could literally surf across the floor in your trainers.



The first large scale indoor drum & bass workout in East Anglia featuring live DJs, nightclub production and a ton of good vibes. We set the bar high and ran with it. Who would have thought you could achieve multiple reloads at a fitness event?! The bug really hit here. Best we don't talk about the noise complaints..


The next instalment sold out in under 2 weeks, and ended up being over capacity. If you remember the term 'roadblock' this event certainly was that and then some!

We were the first fitness brand to mix live UK garage vinyl DJs with a hybrid of function fitness and CrossFit. The sub-brand 'Master Blaster' was born and in March of 2022 we brought another sold out event to Ely's Elyte Fitness where pairs of athletes battled it out to win the top spot.

The 'Master Blaster Summer Smackdown' event in June 2022 sold out in under 24 hours, a huge achievement for 175, the brand and our team.

We took 175 to Talisman in Hertfordshire multiple times, entered a ton of our athletes and left victorious. This was a real turning point for us which saw the collective grow to new heights.


Our corporate events started in June at Horsley Hale Farm. A combination of old school Sports Day vibes combined with our unique energy. We have catered for all kinds of companies, from huge worldwide brands to local family businesses.


We closed 2022 with our Summer Shutdown festival at Horsley Hale Farm. A micro festival with over 100 people getting stuck into 3 hours of workouts, raving and great food.  Check the blog for more information.



CrossFit dominated 2023 with many of the 175 coaches and athletes excelling in their chosen field of this incredibly popular sport.

Summer Shutdown on 10th September was amazing and saw record numbers attend our fitness festival. This year we invited T.A.P to run a function fitness competition slap bang in the middle of the main arena and the vibes were just incredible! Photos from this event can be found here.

Our website was launched in October, providing a platform to showcase not only our achievements in the fitness industry but to play homage to our underground roots.


We introduced 'A New Warehouse Concept' in February 2024 which fully sold out. If you missed it, you missed out big time! Imagine going to a warehouse rave back in the 90's and doing 2 hours of workouts at the same time.. Mental.

Our Team.

Our main team of 175 Instructors.


"If you are looking for someone to push you to your limits, and get the very best out of you every single session, then James is the best person around to do this. Jame’s continued enthusiasm is infectious, and this enables you to achieve whatever goals you are after.


I have been going to James for PT for over 2 years now, and the improvements have been massive in my fitness levels and overall strength, but not only that, James has become a friend that only ever wants to see you succeed in whatever you do, and this is a rare quality to find from a PT. 


Whatever your current fitness level is, and whatever your goals maybe, James at 175 is your man.

Sadie Gilbey-Spring

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