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Top 10: Lighter Worthy Jungle Tunes

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Flashing up your lighter is one of the ultimate signs of respect in a dance and although flashing up your iPhone torch won't burn your fingers, it's certainly nowhere near on the same level. In the same respect as blasting your lungs into an air horn, burning some lighter gas for no reason other than to appreciate a breakdown can't be knocked unless you have tried it.

Here's a countdown of the most gas rinsing tracks from way back when.

Artist: DJ SS

Title: Easymen (Remix)

Year: 1995

A tune so good SS thought it best to create a record label just for two releases. The Easymen label (another Formation offshoot) came and went in 1995 with just the original and remixes of this slammer. Remix 1 was no doubt the most supported and the breakdown at 1:10 provides a perfect excuse for some flames.

Artist: The Renegade (Ray Keith)

Title: Terrorist

Year: 1994

Given that Dread Recordings is 25 years old, it's certainly worth including this anthem just for that reason alone. The legendary piano sample from 'Nightporter' still brings back memories of Stevie Hyper D and his infectious energy. If a DJ drops this one from the edge, you know what to do.

Artists: Sound of the Future (DJ SS), Mental Power

Title: The Lighter (V.I.P Mix)

Year: 1995

Simply adding the original version of 'The Lighter' would be all too easy so choosing the V.I.P from the 'Highly Recommended' album would probably be less obvious. It's also a totally different tune intro wise and while retaining the same vocal samples, some would argue that this is the best version in existence. The whole album is well worth a purchase with exclusive mixes of some of Formation Records best tunes.

Artists: DJ Dextrous & H Pee

Title: Hot Flame

Year: 1995

"Lighter crew" prompts can only mean one thing here - a sure fire inclusion into the top 20. This tune was somewhat of a pirate radio anthem and still continues to do the rounds in dances up and down the globe. It's thankfully missed 'anthem status' so doesn't get as rinsed as some other tunes of the era (and that's a good thing). Ragga chat and seductive female vocals in abundance.

Got a spare £40? This one is well worth the investment.

Artist: P-Funk (Pascal)

Title: P-Funk Era

Year: 1995

This one by Playaz front man Pascal always had that magical feeling surrounding it. From the flexed out intro all the way through to the sublime drop and hip hop vocal samples. You could probably burn a ton of gas through the intro as it's pretty lengthy. P-Funk 2000 was released (obviously) in the year 2000. A rework of the original, ideally suited for sets post the millennium due to its increase in pitch is well worth picking up.

Artist: Dope Skillz (DJ Zinc)

Title: 6 Million Remix

Year: 1996

Sticking with the True Playaz camp for number 15, the legendary DJ Zinc dropped this remix of '6 Million Ways' in 1996 and with it's heavyweight intro and well recognised vocal samples, caused mayhem for years to come. Although the original had a lighter worthy intro, the remix took this to a whole new level causing spontaneous combustion all over the dance.

Artist: Aphrodite Feat. Alibi

Title: Sexual Healing (Aphrodite Mix)

Year: 1996

Play this from the edge for all kinds of goosebumps moments. Reverb soaked male vocals and a classic '96 breakbeat and while the rest of the tune is a standard Aphrodite affair, the intro is certainly lighter friendly and provides all aspects of a true intro tune. A top shelf banger from the original king of jump up drum and bass.

Artists: Asend & Ultravibe

Title: Real Love

Year: 1995

One of the original intro tunes of the jungle era that you could sneak into the start of your set and still be asked afterwards "what's the first tune you played mate?". Some may well have called this Back 2 Basics classic a secret weapon. It's special ingredient was without a doubt the wonderful piano and pads section. Plenty of other tunes around '95 had elements of this style, however, 'Real Love' mixed calm and collected with rough, tough and downright dangerous Amen breaks and tearin' bass to full effec

Artists: Asend & Ultravibe

Title: What Kind of World

Year: 1994

Sticking with Asend & Ultravibe for 'What Kind of World'. Another jungle slammer from the Back 2 Basics label featuring an immersive introduction highly compatible with burning 100 fluid ounces of lighter fuel. Supported by every single jungle DJ on earth in 1994.

Top tip: Avoid the 2002 at all cost

Artist: Alex Reece

Title: Pulp Fiction

Year: 1995

Probably one of the best bass tunes in drum and bass ever to be created. A full on lighter worthy featuring one hell of a rib shaking lead. If you witnessed this first time around way back in '95, you will no doubt remember what a game changer it was.

Remixed in 2010 under the name 'Pulp Fiction 2020' and again in 2011 by Lynx (an arguably better job) it's true to say that this tune is far from being left in the past and still gets airplay to this day. LIGHTER!

Artist: The X (Mark XTC)

Title: New Dawn

Year: 1995

Sampling Nina Simone's classic 'Feeling Good' to full effect, this superb jungle slammer by Mark XTC was released on his own label Jump Up in 1995. Sadly the imprint didn't last very long with only 4 releases to it's name however, the original and remix of 'New Dawn' will certainly live on forever.

Check the amazing set by Nicky Blackmarket from Dreamscape 20 to hear this one live alongside Moose, Five-O and GQ.

A remix by ST Files and a VIP (via Suburban Base) exists of this tune and are both well worth checking out.

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